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Artist Statement

My  work uses portraiture to explore ideas of embodiment, by which I mean, the relationship between personal identity and appearance. I seek to ask questions about the interaction of embodiment with social experience, and how my subjects express their gender, sense of self and find empowerment in that expression.

My paintings are my personal investigations into socially constructed standards of gender presentation, body, gendered beauty and bestowed legitimacy established by a heteronormative society and culture. My continual interest in painting queer subjects, is sparked and sustained by my own experiences and relationships with others whose identities fall outside these social norms. I view my representations not simply as appropriations of the physical body, but as honest and relatable portraits of people in my beloved community.


As I engage in the painting process, the relationship between myself as artist and my subject becomes pivotal. My portraits are a collaboration with my subjects. I paint people, not bodies or faces, and I find joy and connection in the rich experience of getting to know someone through repeated sittings, cups of tea, jokes, pet interruptions and always stories. 

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